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    Foliarex Stęszew offers a wide range of packaging and protective films - top quality products provided with all required certificates, including safety certificates.

    Among those products, multilayer heat shrink films, technical films (those for cutters and polypropylene ones), bags, and films with foaming agent have been in great demand for many years now.

    In order to meet our Customers' expectations, we are constantly improving the characteristics of our products to fulfil the growing requirements of their users. We are continuously working on enhancing our films' heat-insulating and protective parameters. Foliarex' latest investment project - and at the same time this year's hit - are adhesive protective films. Thanks to their high resistance to UV rays and weather, they are perfect for transport, assembly, and storage in difficult conditions. They protect against soiling, prevent mechanical damage, and leave no trace of glue.

    This product, which is an innovation in the European market, can be used in almost all industries - from the protection of roofing and elevation sheets, through the protection of PVC window profiles, to car bodies, household appliances, and audio/video devices.

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