• Foliarex Słubice

    In Słubice, we manufacture articles for the construction industry. It is a comprehensive range of top-quality products. They include: insulating membranes, vapour-insulating membranes, and outstanding highly breathable sarking membranes. We are proud of our innovative solutions. Every day we improve our products to make them even more practical in their daily use, e.g. the STROTEX TAPE membrane provided with adhesive tape for easier application. We spare no effort to make both our well-proven products and those newly introduced (among others, STROTEX MEDIUM, ALME, PERFORMANCE, Budfol Antydrop) still more suitable for your needs. In the second half of 2010, thanks to putting into operation a subsequent state-of-the-art production line for sarking membranes, we will develop our potential and offer new products to our Customers considerably. As the only company in Poland, we promote the ZERO TOLERANCE principle, and thus our range of products includes insulating and vapour-insulating membranes of enhanced parameters. Moreover, Foliarex Słubice offers special application Geostar geomembranes, used, amongst other things, in municipal and road investment projects, which have been well-known and highly-appreciated for many years now.

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