Foliarex Sp. z o.o. boasts 20 years of experience in manufacturing plastic wrap, construction membranes and plastic sheeting for gardening applications. Responding to the ever-changing demands of the market in a flexible way, we constantly enhance the choice of our products, offering them to customers from new industries. What does not change, however, is their QUALITY, confirmed by ISO Certificates.

    Founded in 1990 in Poznań, during its formative years, the company specialised in manufacturing plastic wraps. A wide assortment of currently offered construction membranes, sheeting for gardening and agriculture, wrap, plastics and regranulate proves how dynamic our growth has been. These products have been consistently popular for years thanks to their top quality and competitive prices. With three manufacturing sites located in Drożdżyce, Stęszew and Słubice, Foliarex has a total annual productivity of thousands of tonnes of processed polyethylene. The company owes its present leading position to its innovation and flexibility, quick response to messages from the market and the involvement of its staff, who daily improves the quality of our products to meet your expectations.

    The FOLIAREX Group

    Foliarex is not only about construction membranes. The strength of the Foliarex Group - formed by Foliarex Słubice, Foliarex Stęszew and Wigolen - lies in the versatility and scope of the product range. The elaborate structure and specialisation of individual sites allows us to offer cost-effective, quality gardening sheeting for ponds, silage wraps, woven and nonwoven crop covers. Foliarex is also one of the biggest Polish manufacturers of wrap packaging, overprinted wrap and heat-shrink wrap. Our latest investment - and also this year's hit - are safety films securing products against damage during transport or installation, which leaves no glue marks. This product, which is innovative on a European scale, can be used in almost any industry - from protection of roofing and facade sheet through protecting PVC window profiles, automotive body applications and white goods.

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