• Overprint

    We offer the option of high quality overprint on films.


    • up to 6 colours,
    • overprint width up to 1570 mm,
    • base width up to 1600 mm,
    • repeatability from 420 to 1500 mm,
    • optional perforation of film with overprint,
    • flexographic print,
    • water inks.

    Sea of possibilities!

    Our catalogue includes products with non-standard parameters. We also produce custom-made products, perfectly matching your needs.

    WE OFFER: Marking of film with "Recyclable" symbols. Special parameters of film: antistatic agent - additive eliminating electrostatic charges from product surface, reducing accumulation and adhesion of dust; foaming agent; UV absorbents (UV stabilizer) - reduce the effects of UV, protecting coloured films from fading; anti-adhesion agent; flame retardant agent; anti-blocking agent - preventing blocking of film.

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