• Multilayer package film


    Multilayer package film is designed as a layer protecting materials, appliances and machinery from contamination, scratching and damage.


    • for packing of upholstered articles:
      • in sleeve form,
      • in semi-sleeve form on roller,
      • as finished bags,
    • sandwich film:
      • in tape form,
      • as finished separators.

    Upon customers request sleeves, semi-sleeves and tapes can be also executed in COEX type film, which allows the use of lower grammage product and reduction in product cost, without affecting film strength.

    This film features high flexibility and good removability. It is also dull, which allows high stacking and good adhesion of adhesive tape and in turn facilitates packaging and storage of products.

    • package bags, in a wide range of sizes: 160-1000 mm (e.g. for packing of ferrules, bolts, shapes),
    • duster film executed in very thin and strong film type,
    • films and bags with thickness from 18 µm for packing of apparel, designated for welding machines at cleaners.
    • cater films wide (1950 - 2450 mm) and very thin tapes for use as sandwich film in upholstery industry. The above parameters increase the processing efficiency of product.
    • blown polypropylene films, used as the base for an adhesive, and as semi-product in production process of nonwoven polypropylene fabrics and laminated products:
      • multilayered,
      • multicoloured.
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