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    A wide range of package films of Foliarex you can find top quality products, with all required attestations and safety certificates.Among them are ever popular multilayer heat-shrinkable films, technical films (for "caters" and polypropylene), bags and films with foaming agent.To meet ever increasing expectations of our customers we continue to improve the properties of our products. We continue to increase thermal insulation and protection parameters of our films. The latest investment by Foliarex - and this year's best seller - are protective films with an "adhesive". Due to high UV resistance and weather conditions they prove themselves in difficult conditions of transport, erection and storage. They protect from contamination, prevent mechanical damages, and they leave no trace of adhesive. This product, which is innovative on a European scale, can be used in almost any industry - from protection of roofing and facade sheet, to protecting PVC window profiles, to automotive body applications and white goods.


    Foliarex offers only top quality products at competitive prices. Our films have been awarded the following certificates: Certificate of Health Quality, by Państwowy Zakład Higieny, and Safety Certificates, by Centrum Certyfikacji Opakowań. We take all efforts for our products to met your expectations, and we keep improving their technical, thermal insulation and protective parameters. We can thus offer to our customers solid and flexible films, resistant to damage and UV radiation, which prove their worth also in difficult weather conditions. Our products are available in a wide range of sizes. Our catalogue includes products with non-standard parameters. We also offer custom-made products - films perfectly matching the needs of our customers, also in non-standard grammage, with custom parameters (i.a. antistatic, anti-blocking, fire retardant).

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