• Silage film

    Silage film

    Silage film has been enjoying well-deserved popularity among silage producer.

    Owing to its three-layer structure it is extremely resistant to mechanical damage and to weather conditions. It ensures perfect protection of silage against the air and heat radiation thus promoting the optimal course of fermentation processes.


    • in forage production
    • for making silage from fresh and wilted green plants
    • as the outer cover of heaps
    • as lining for silage silos
    • to cover storage clamps with roots and tubers of fodder plants


    • increased mechanical durability and high resistance to punctures
    • significantly reduced gaspermeability
    • impermeability to long-wave heat radiation
    • increased values of thermal insulation parameters
    • high resistance to UV radiation
    • lightness and flexibility
    • easy to use
    • competitive price


    • Width: 6 m, 8 m, 12 m
    • Length: 33 linear metres, 33 linear metres
    • Colour: black and white
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